This story really starts on January 6th

It was back in April of 2021 when our quiet home in the country was raided by over a dozen FBI agents for the crimes of walking on the grass and trying to get past the guards to wave the flag on the steps of the U.S. Capitol at the January 6th, 2021 “Stop the Steal” rally. 

The deep-state politicians and their lackeys in the media want to cluck about how terrible it was to see the flag waved on the Capitol steps and to have the rotunda visited by patriots who didn’t have their permission to be there.

What is interesting about that day to me, is that none of them seem to care that our national election was stolen by a secret cabal who installed the puppet Biden, the oligarchs who paid for it, and the deep-state politicians and judges who did nothing to stop it.

So for 22 months I have had Federal hearings while facing 8 counts of trespassing and felony assault.  The Feds have finally set a trial date for the middle of 2023.  Now I need to raise money for the trip to Washington DC and to bring the legal team that has been helping me the last two years.

FBI agents and vehicles in our driveway.

(screen capture from security camera on April 25, 2021)

My wife and I have lived in the area west of Portland, Oregon for over 30 years where we raised our five children.  We moved to Oregon in 1989 after I had completed my Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering to accept a job in the computer chip industry.  This was really the start of my second career, as I had started our life after our undergraduate years as an officer in the United States Army.

I am currently 64 years old.  I retired in May 2021 after being arrested, years earlier than I had planned, in order to avoid complications at work.  In the two years since I have burned through more than half of our retirement funds due to legal fees and my self-funded run for Oregon governor in 2022.  (I felt I needed to be in the governor’s race to say the hard truths about the lack of election integrity in Oregon’s decades old vote-by-mail system.  You can see/hear some of my campaign appearances on the Blog page.)  

A couple of weeks after attending January 6th, I had a major stroke, and I had another one in April 2022.  So it’s probable I won’t be needing funds for myself for a long retirement.  But my wife stayed home to raise our kids while I was working, and it doesn’t seem prudent for me to burn through all of our retirement funds and lose our home that she will need.  In order to raise money for my defense and to tell my side of the story, I wrote a book called Save the Kid!  Please consider helping out by taking a look and buying an eBook or paperback. 

Reed K. Christensen

February, 2023