Save the Kid!

The “Kid” in the title is not a person – it’s not me.

The book starts by telling about my arrest and jailing by the FBI for protesting at Jan6.  But the main purpose of the book is to tell how that experience  revealed a moral  truth. 

The phrase “Save the Kid” is from an allegory in the book.  It shows with moral clarity that the media on both the Left and Right are wrong about how they report on Jan6.

The truth is that the Jan6 protest is as patriotic and morally right to our day as the Boston Tea Party was to the days of the American Revolution.

Patriots need to change the moral frame with which they view Jan6.  The book argues that doing so and living by that new frame is the only way to save America as founded.

$11.95 paperback        $4.99 ebook

“A fascinating read about the January 6th event from an attendees point of view. It continues with a shocking account of the treatment received after being arrested and leaves the reader wondering if this is still the United States of America”  – blb

“I loved this book! It shows clarity of thinking and amazing insights based on personal experience and historical facts.”  –  Terr H