Save the Kid!

If you saw a child in the street in imminent danger, would you have the courage to act?

Today American society is as divided as a group of people on one side of the street, with another group angrily facing them on the other side of the street. This confrontation puts America and its Founding in the middle.

Our young country is like a Kid that faces danger in the street.

Will Americans standing on the sidelines wake up to the moral imperative to get involved and step off the sidewalk?

What can they use as a moral guide to help them decide what to do?

What can be done to save America as founded?

Save the Kid! looks at the current state of America to talk about law, obedience, and what an American patriot can do during this time of confusion.

The ideas for this book came to the author the week he was arrested by the FBI for his actions at the January 6th Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC.

The book describes his actions at the protest, his arrest, imprisonment, and custody hearing. It tells how these events revealed a magnificent moral Compass that is just waiting to be used to Save the Kid!

Reed K. Christensen

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