Charter of Liberty – 2022 Governor Campaign

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For this election for Governor, I am asking all Oregon Counties and County leaders to reject the closed, corruption enabling vote-by-mail laws that have been passed in Salem, in favor of returning to one-day in person voting.

In the 2020 presidential election we saw how this type of closed system allowed massive corruption of our elections, where a cabal of power hungry cheaters stabbed a dagger into the heart of America – the idea that government is by the voice of the people.

Now the political class in Salem believe they have “progressed” Oregon politics to the point where:

  • The State has all power over your health decisions
  • Your property rights are withdrawn.  Your small business can be destroyed.
  • Your right to assemble and travel is withdrawn.
  • You are not allowed to eat, or exercise, or use any public facility without their permission.
  • The State controls your religious worship and can close down your church.

I say that if the politicians in Salem want the political legitimacy for that kind of power, to turn Oregon into a State of all powerful overloads who rule over serfs with no rights, then they should have to at least obtain that power in an open transparently honest election. They say that Oregon is ready for their vision of the future – I say prove it. I don’t believe it.

To add insult to injury, they think we are stupid enough to surrender our State and our freedoms on the results of a corruptible closed election system. In an open election system there is no question of fraud or cheating because everyone can see the system work – it is transparently honest.

If 20-25 counties in Oregon held open elections and they transparently and honestly found that the voice of the people voted for a traditional Oregon that maintains American rights, why would they ever accept the corruptible results of counties who ran closed systems?

If those counties refuse to openly prove they have the majority, the counties desiring freedom should establish a State capital in the east to maintain a traditional Oregon and let the Leftists stay in Salem and establish their Marxist ideology and their government by dictates or whatever else they want to do.

I am asking all Counties and County leaders to immediately reject medical mandates coming from Salem.

When the Wuhan flu came during the 2020 flu season, 49 out of 50 state governors decided to issue medical mandates to give orders to the people of their states. Only one governor issued health advisories to the people, respecting the Constitution and recognizing the people as fellow citizens.

Think about that. It tells you the condition of freedom in our country that 98% of the political class decided to issue orders like they were tin-horn dictators.

It also tells you a lot that so many Americans accepted that.

Now the State of Oregon wants the counties to dictate a life and death injection decision on people. In many smaller counties where many employees refuse to accept that, it would leave the county or city without medical workers, fire protection, police service, and paralyze their operation.

As a county or city official, why would you obey an order like that?

I call on elected county and local officials, entrusted by fellow citizens to serve them, to do the morally correct thing and refuse to obey such orders.

Because you were elected by the voice of the people, your county and city has its own legitimacy and decision power – it is not some bureaucratic department owned by the State. Now is the time for good men and women to fulfill their oaths of office and to do their duty to their fellow citizens.

What can one say about the condition of education in Oregon? The situation is not funny, but a good-news bad-news joke describes the problem.

The good news is that our politicians and education leaders are working hard to find a spot for Oregon education in the record books.

The bad news is the spot is at the bottom.

Currently Oregon rates 47 out of 50 states in terms of education quality and results.

So now instead of teaching knowledge and skills to our children, the Leftists in control of the education-monopoly complex have decided that what is really needed is:

  • to tell kids how the horrible founding of America is responsible for all the world’s ills,
  • to institute racism that says that according to Marxist class theory, and based on your skin color, you are either oppressed or an oppressor,
  • to claim the authority to confuse a child’s mind and to mutilate a child’s body because their sex is not right – and to do it without telling parents,
  • to inflict damaging social isolation, and constricting masking requirements that cause more damage than good.

Whenever I’ve gone to a school board meeting with other parents who want to get away from crazy ideological training and back to basic education, the answer by the board was always “we would like to do something, but the the State won’t let us.”

So what’s the solution?

State government needs to be completely expunged from any involvement in education. The State Department of Education needs to be eliminated, lock, stock, and barrel. No tax money for education will be collected or distributed at the State level. To allow a flourishing of local control, a legal framework of education freedom is needed (see Charter of Liberty item 4).

At the county level, property taxes collected for education must go directly to parents so they have the means necessary to directly control their child’s education.

This is simply the worldly version of the Golden Rule – he who has the gold makes the rules. If the State controls all of the money for education it will make the rules. If parents have the money, which comes from the taxpayers in the first place, they will have power to make the rules for the upbringing of their child.

There must be a host of choices for parents to fit all the various needs of children. Having a free and open market place for education will provide those choices. In this day of amazing technological advancement, where the entirety of the world’s knowledge is at your fingertips, why not allow freedom and innovation to see what can spring forth to help our children?

In this atmosphere of freedom, an area can continue to provide a school system provided by the local government. But it would run by local school boards without interference from Salem and there would be no forcing of children into an education monopoly run by the government. The notion that a government monopoly in education is as ridiculous as a government monopoly in food. If you could only purchase food in a grocery chain run by the State, what do you think your choices and service would look like? (If you really don’t know, click here.)

Boris Yeltsin at US grocery store:

Universities and colleges that are currently supported by the State will become independent institutions. They will not be subsidized by the State. They will have to offer quality education at affordable prices in order to be competitive.

The actions of the education-monopoly complex and the results it has inflicted, shows that it should not be allowed to even get near your children. Which begs the question, why are sovereign county governments taking taxes collected at the local government level for education and sending it to the State where it is used to cause such harm to children?

I call on responsible County leaders to do the morally correct thing; to reject laws that harm children by refusing to send education money to Salem, and to begin immediately to implement educational freedom in their jurisdiction.