Campaign for Governor Statement

The last time I was in the news was back in April of 2021 when our quiet home in the country was raided by 15 FBI agents for the crime of walking on the grass and trying to push past the guards to wave the US Flag on the steps of the Capitol at the January 6th Stop the Steal rally. 

If seeing the flag waved by patriots on the Capitol steps sets you to clucking, after Americans watched our national election stolen by a secret cabal who installed the puppet Biden, the oligarchs who paid for it, and the deep-state politicians and judges who did nothing to stop it, then this candidate for Governor is not for you. 

There is a terrible sickness in Oregon that needs a cure, and it has nothing to do with a flu variant that has been given a name. The pandemic that is smothering our State is officials jettisoning what it means to be an American in order to declare the supremacy of government and to claim unprecedented power.

Here are just a few of the Constitutional atrocities we have seen in Oregon:

  • The State insists it has all power to make your health decisions. These choices, which contain life and death risk evaluations, override your individual free will to govern your own life.
  • Your property rights are disposable. The lifetime struggle to build a small business can be destroyed with no regard for your loss.
  • Your right to assemble is withdrawn. People are ordered to stay home or travel is restricted. You have no right to rejoice at a wedding, to mourn at a funeral, to gather for a family reunion.
  • You are not allowed to eat, exercise, or use any other public facility except under government authorization. 
  • The State controls your religious worship. It can close down your church. It can dictate how the Lord’s supper is to be administered, whether you are allowed to sing hymns, and where you can sit in the pews.

It is time for Americans to rally around the Constitution and to use it as a Compass to guide the fight against the tyranny that is threatening our freedoms. 

Too many Oregonians are meekly following these tyrannical edicts and destructive laws that claim all power for Salem and Washington DC. 

I will be asking Oregonians to have the courage to only obey orders and laws that are in harmony with the principles of the Constitution, and to set up their cities and counties as Constitutional Sanctuaries. 

As a first step, I am asking Oregon counties to reject the corruption enabling vote-by-mail system and to hold this gubernatorial election with one day in-person voting – returning to a transparently honest election. 

The power over our freedoms that the State has seized for itself must be pulled down. This campaign for Governor will champion 15 items on a Charter of Liberty that will return power back to the people.

After I was arrested by the FBI for my actions at the January 6th Stop the Steal rally, I decided to write my side of the story in a book called Save the Kid! The book describes my actions at the rally, my arrest, imprisonment, and custody hearing. The book shows how these events revealed a magnificent moral compass that I believe can save America.

For the next 10 months my wife and I plan to travel in our RV and talk to Oregonians about restoring our State to again be a place of freedom and prosperity. Reach out to us via the Contact Us page and we will travel to meet with you.

This campaign for Governor will be self-funded. I will not request or accept donations of any kind (That includes in-kind donations. If you want to meet in a venue that charges a use fee, let me know and I will pay it.)

To turn Oregon around it is much more important for citizens to give their time and effort. Please go to Get Involved and subscribe to receive email from the campaign and to indicate if you would like to volunteer.

Reed K. Christensen
January 7, 2021

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