My wife's account

Her account listing facts of Reed's arrest and property search by FBI

Typed on 14 May 2021

(Sunday - 25 April 2021)


  - My wife exited the vehicle and talked to officers by the car.  There were one
    deputy and two other plain clothes agents grouped around her.  As Reed was
    led away, she asked to see an arrest warrant.

  - After persisting, she was eventually handed a pile of paperwork which
    included extensive information on our life and property, and also an arrest
    warrant.  She remembers seeing one count of assaulting an officer, and two
    counts of walking on the grass.

  - My wife repeatedly emphasized that I had just had a major stroke and that I
    had required medication to take.  They assured her they would get this
    medication and deliver it to the jail.

  - After 10-15 minutes, she was allowed to drive home.  She was asked for a
    house key and she turned it over.  She saw at least 15 FBI agents on the

  - As my wife entered the house, an agent showed her a picture of Reed at the
    Rally, and asked if she could find these clothes.  My wife helped them round
    up a rain coat, shirt, and shoes.  She showed them where Reed's work gloves
    were in the garage - and they took four pair - including new ones still in
    the box.  Reed also had a MAGA hat on in some of the FBI pictures, but
    they left his hat in the office.

  - She was able to come in the house and sit on the couch in the living room.
    The door was open and she was cold as she only had a Sunday dress on.
    Several times she asked to see a search warrant and was told that they
    didn't have to show it.

  - The agents refused to shut the door, and given it was cold she asked to go
    up and get some yoga pants on.  Two female agents accompanied her up to

  - She persisted on the warrant and finally was shown the search warrant.  She
    also persisted and finally got permission to shut off the furnace which
    kept coming on.

  - They took pictures of every room in the house like it was a crime scene.  They asked
     for a key to an outside building, so they were all over the farm property.
  - While my wife was on the couch for two hours, she often told agents that I had a
    stroke and needed my meds.  About five agents in the kitchen were doing inventory
    of clothing and computer equipment.  One officer worked with her to collect and bag
    up Reed's stroke meds and a receipt for the four meds was written.  She was assured
    that Reed would get his meds.

                              FD-597  FBI form
                              seizure of stroke medications


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